Camden Forest 2025

A forest, a story forest in Camden! We are aiming to plant 2,025 trees by the year 2025 or sooner The idea, which grew from a desire to extend tree planting from public spaces into private gardens, has now developed into a communal story telling project. You may have many possible reasons for planting a tree, and if you are willing to share we would love to hear from you just a little about that special person, event or cause you want to celebrate. If you are interested please register using the Contact Us form. Over 470 trees have already been planted – click on the map to the left to see the details.

Add  Your Tree to the Camden Forest Map

Scan the QR code below, or click on this link in order to add your tree to the Camden Forest Map. You will need the postcode, and the type of tree, if known. The map is updated at intervals, so your tree will not appear immediately.


Collaboration with Schools in Camden

Several schools in Camden are collaborating with Camden Forest to plant trees:

Parliament Hill School will plant a feminist tree orchard early in 2021.

St. Paul’s School in Primrose Hill will plant six trees and will become future story tree guardians.

Sarum hall will plant 200 mature trees over the next few years.

School Grants for Youth Social Action: teachers and schools can apply for small grant funding of up to £750 to support high-quality youth social action projects for young people to support local communities during the coronavirus pandemic. Details:

Tagging Camden Forest Trees

To help our forest to grow, local garden centres are wrapping our tree tags around all the trees they sell. Read more…

Valuing London’s Urban Forest

A large London plane tree, measured by girth, lifespan and population density, could be worth nearly half a million pounds. The London-wide urban forest, including trees in streets, parks, estates and gardens, has been valued at £43.3 billion. More details are in the report from the London i-Tree Eco Project, which is available to download.

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Tree Giveaways

In December the Camden Forest team organised a number of tree giveaways. These are no longer possible due to the lockdown restrictions. However, if you are interested in having a tree to plant, please let us know via the contact form. Growing trees in containers is ideal for small gardens or balconies where space is limited. They can bring height, fruit, bark and autumn colour into these small spaces, and are a valuable resource for nature. The Tree Planting Guide has details on how to plant and take care of your tree. The trees that are available are:

  • Blackthorn (sloe gin)
  • Dogwood
  • Dog rose
  • Hawthorn
  • Rowan
  • Willow

Other News

Could urban food forests be the future for orchards? Read about the benefits of urban food forests and the Orchard Project’s course in Forest Gardening.

A Year In The Life of a Tree

Why not, draw, paint or photograph your tree as it grows and changes through the seasons. Here is one example to inspire you:
At the beginning of the pandemic, artist Alice Sielle began drawing a London plane tree, which she had grown from seed, in her garden in East London. Every day for 214 days, from 3rd April to 24th November 2020, Alice drew the tree as it grew and changed with the seasons. This series of drawings is now available to purchase, to raise urgently needed funds for the Garden Museum. Film by Peter Kindersley: